Accountable Citizens – for a society where youth and women fulfill their obligations and responsibilities to eliminate social injustices. Transforming citizens from passive users of services to actors in the planning and budgeting cycle is critical for strengthened accountability and community governance systems. The organization work to transform citizens to be active member of the community by empowering and raising awareness on the twin attributes of the rights and responsibilities in paying tax and demand accountability from duty bearers through seeking justification and explanation of actions and decisions. Wajibika focus on accountability incentives such as access to information and the participation of youth and women in monitoring accountability in order to build their ability to fulfill responsibilities.

Inclusive Governance – for the governance structures that embrace youth, women and marginalized people in the decision-making processes. Involvement of women and young people in the community governance structures is pivotal for propelling the country forward. The programme focuses on ensuring that community governance structures are inclusively formulated and properly functioning. More significantly, there is an increased youth and women engagement in the composition of the organs.

Responsive Systems – where education, health and agriculture systems respond to the needs of all people, especially meet satisfaction of girls and young women at maximum available resources. With respect to tax payers’ monies the government is obliged to respond to citizens priorities through provision of quality services and goods while create conducive environment for investments and employment, both formal and informal. Wajibika takes to contribute by improving the ability of the systems to meet citizens’ legitimate priorities.