Strengthening Governance and Public Accountability Systems


Accountable Citizens


Inclusive Governance


Responsive Systems


Wajibika means, “be accountable” in Swahili. It is a systemic advocacy organization established in 2013. It envisions on realization of a Better Society for All. The mission is to strengthen governance and accountability systems through participatory monitoring and evidence of changes.

Wajibika works to achieve three major governance outcomes; the Accountable Citizens, Inclusive Governance, and Responsive Systems.


Better Society for All


Strengthening governance and public accountability systems

Governance Outcomes

  1. Accountable Citizens
  2. Inclusive Governance
  3. Responsive Systems


  1. Just Society
  2. Healthier Communities
  3. Educated Girl Child
  4. Improved Livelihood

Wajibika adhere on five core values in accomplishing its vision, mission and functions.

Equity Wajibika is an equity observing organization. Thus, all groups of the society, especially disadvantaged groups and individuals are given opportunity to recruitment, promotion, decision-making and the like.

Quality In discharging its mandate, Wajibika observe quality in all programme pursuit by ensuring that standards are adhered to, and quality control mechanisms are institutionalized and sustained.

Integrity In all its undertakings, the board, management and staff team uphold and observe professional ethics, trustworthy, honesty and human dignity.

Partnerships The organization works very closely with various stakeholders both within and outside the country who includes staff, citizens, government, oversight bodies, development partners, NGOs, CSOs and private sector.

Accountability In making decisions and implementation of all activities, Wajibika staff and management observe openness, team-work, participation, compliance, liableness and answerability. We are accountable to people.

Strategic partnership is a global call manifested by SDG 17. In Wajibika, this is a critical success area that requires holistic consideration, creative and innovative ways to network and sustains the organization.