Board of Directors

For the organization to be governed effectively and efficiently, and also to successiful achieve its programatic goals, there must be a strong oversight system. Wajibika has set in place a governing organ; the Board of Directors made of six vibrant individuals. The participation of these volunteers will be facilitated through the office of respective programme managers.


The structure adopts the Chairman – Executive Director – Head of Programmes – Programme Managers mode in its chain of command. Wajibika central administration is responsible for strategic decision making, while most of other decisions are made at the lower levels. In this respect, the staffs perform the programme functions with assistance of administrators. 

The organization decision-making process follows meeting structure, ranging from Departmental to Board of Directors meetings through management meetings. In all these meetings staffs are represented.

Exceptionally, the Wajibika structure portrays good governance, and is geared towards attainment of the core values and achievement of organizational objectives.

Organizational Organogram